Training for success at both ends of the leash

Dependable Dogs®, based in Ann Arbor, specializes in training, education, coaching, and support services for individuals and families who share their homes with dogs. We offer in home private dog training and behavior solutions, small group education sessions, and workshops.

Our holistic approach to training led directly to our business tagline: “Training for success at both ends of the leash®”

Parent Education and Family Dog Training Specialists
    We are the Ann Arbor area’s only licensed educators for Family Paws Parent Education. Our Dogs & Storks® and Dog & Toddlers™ programs help families with dogs prepare for life with baby, toddlers and young children. We work with expecting parents, new parents, grandparents, and others who share their homes with dogs to keep kids and dogs safe together.

We also work with many others in the community (organizations, the Safe Kids coalitions, health care providers, child care providers, doulas and others) to support families and keep kids and dog safe in homes together.

      • Training methods are easy to follow, implement and then measure your success. Our family-focused approach encourages all family members to participate, including children. Sessions combine demonstration, hands-on practice, and ongoing education about dog body language, training, and behavior modification strategies.
      • Research has shown that giving animals clear direction about what is desirable is far more effective than punishing them for making mistakes. We train with humane methods and use reward-based training techniques that are consistent with those recommended by the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior, the ASPCA, and other leading organizations.

Phone and online support is available throughout the course of all of our training programs
We’re here to help you succeed!

We also work with clients throughout Michigan and in different geographic locations (out of state) by scheduling private sessions or by working remotely, via Skype and other methods.
Please contact us for scheduling and fee information.