About Dependable Dogs®, LLC

Dependable Dogs®, LLC is a dog training and parent education business based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We provide training services to individuals and families in southeast Michigan and the greater Detroit Metro area. We specialize in training, education, coaching, and support for success at both ends of the leash.

We offer private, customized dog training, education, and behavior services.


As founder and head trainer at Dependable Dogs®, I bring a unique combination of skills to this industry. I’m a parent, I’ve worked in a number of settings as a therapist, I’ve owned various businesses, and I’ve been active in many community volunteer activities – in addition to being a lifelong dog owner.

talking to dogTraining can be a complicated job. It demands a broad knowledge of animal behavior, human behavior, learning theory, and science, as well as a commitment to best practices, enthusiasm, compassion, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of animals and humans. Training is my job – and I love it.

My dog experience is in rescue and shelter environments as well as training, in therapy dog work and service dog training. I love working with families who share their homes with dogs because I realize how much growing up with dogs enriched my own children’s lives.

Although formally educated and trained as a therapist (Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Pennsylvania), I’m proud to call myself a professional dog trainer. After living in Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, Colorado, and Virginia (phew!), my husband and I are delighted to call Michigan home and share our home with Suki and Keats, our Labrador Retrievers.

I have more than twenty years of experience– with humans and dogs– in a variety of hospital, rehabilitation, business, education, training, and other settings. I’ve been training dogs for more than fifteen years. Attending educational training conferences and seminars presented by leaders in the field of training and behavior is a passion both personally and professionally; it helps me hone my skills and keep current on best practices and research. Examples of recent conferences and seminars I’ve attended include Clicker Expo, The Purebred Paradox Conference, ADI (Assistance Dogs International) Trainers Conference, Human-Animal Interaction Neuroscience Conference, Chicken Camp, and seminars presented by Terry Ryan, Pat Miller, Sarah Kalnajas, Suzanne Clothier, Kathy Sdao, Sophia Yin, Sue Sternberg, and Colleen Pelar, among other experts.

Dependable Dogs
I also give educational presentations at schools and to other groups about keeping kids and dogs safe in homes together.  Look for Dependable Dogs® at local pet, health care, and educational events, and at events hosted by Babies R Us.  Let us know if you’re interested in scheduling a presentation for your organization or group..

Check our Facebook Events page to see what programs we have scheduled near you

If you see us at a local event, please stop by and say hello.

—Cathy Reisfield


MAAPPT (Mid-Atlantic Association of Positive Pet Trainers)
PPG (Pet Professional Guild): charter/founding member
Family Paws Parent Education Programs: Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers™: licensed presenter paws-presenter-gen
APLB (Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement)
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