dog training“What sets Cathy apart from other trainers is her people skills. She understands teaching a dog is as much about teaching the people as it is the dog. In the end, a dog lives in a human world no matter if it is trained for service, therapy, or as a family member. Cathy takes the time to understand the personality of both the dog and the client before she designs training. With two small children in our family, her approach was key to a smooth transition for us all. Her love for dogs and passion for training families shines through. We are so thankful for her hard work and expertise … and for our new family member.”

~ The Fiedler Family


“Thanks, Cathy, for all of your help with this new rescue dog. We especially appreciate you for helping us get Bentley to the point where he now will walk politely on leash – it’s much more fun to walk with him when he isn’t lunging at everything he sees. He’s also much easier to manage in the back yard as we don’t let him wind up to that crazy jumping behavior. It’s all getting better. Every day. We feel like we can read and understand him now to help manage and improve his behavior overall. He’s a very smart dog, as you said, which makes him a lot of fun to train.”

~ Pat T.

“Dependable Dogs (Cathy Reisfield) provided me with the knowledge and expertise to train my Labrador as my service dog. Gracie came to us at five months old. She was shy and we weren’t sure if she was going to be able to meet the challenge, but after a couple weeks of adjustment Gracie was enthusiastic and happy to learn. Cathy uses only positive training methods and taught me how to use the clicker to train Gracie. Cathy was always patient with me and took us through the process of training one step at a time. Today Gracie is a working service dog and is invaluable to me. Without Cathy, I would never have been able to succeed in this endeavor. Cathy always was very clear, however, that if my dog did not have the temperament or the innate ability, we couldn’t make her something she was not. Luckily it worked out considering that only 20% of dogs bred to become service dogs make it as working dogs. Oh, I forgot to say – Cathy made training fun, too. Gracie still comes running when she knows I have the clicker and that we are going to train. Just a few things that Gracie does: She knows all directional commands with me in my wheelchair, goes to a restaurant, goes out in public, retrieves things for me (“bring it”) such as the phone, and opens handicap doors. She also gets an emergency shot kit off the wall (command is “shot”) and brings it to me and alerts me when I am getting sick and she goes and gets my husband to let him know I am sick. Thanks, Cathy, for all your great work!”

~ Pam Robbins

rescue dog“I can’t say enough positive about Cathy Reisfield. Cathy Reisfield has a careful, positive, can-do outlook and approach to training. As Cathy worked with my dog and me, I found that this approach carried through every interaction and was exactly what we were looking for! Cathy also helped me develop a stronger bond with my dog. Since working with Cathy, I am able to “read” my dog better. This is both rewarding and helpful – as I am more clued into my dog’s reactions, I can now better anticipate issues and respond with more confidence, even in new or difficult situations. Most of all, Cathy has empowered me to be my own problem solver. She helped me most not by just swooping in to train Luca like some mystical hocus-pocus that disappears as soon as the trainer’s gone, but instead by understanding how Luca learns best so that I can continue to train, hone, and refine as needs arise. Cathy’s training is like a gift that keeps on giving, as my dog and I continue to evolve and grow together.”

~ Gwynneth V., Ann Arbor

dog training“Thanks for your help with Winston. We really felt like he was an untrainable, crazy dog before working with you. While he’ll never be a dog that anyone would call “laid back” – he’s so much calmer indoors and in the yard. He’s even polite when meeting new people. The counter surfing has stopped. Amazing. We feel smarter, too, in being able to work with him. Happy to have found you! It’s been fun.”

~ Chris & Andrea Marshall


“We can’t believe how much better our dog is walking on leash after just one session with you – he’s getting better every day when we remember to practice what you taught us. Looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish next.”

~ Jean Collins, Ann Arbor