Education & Workshops

Education & Workshops

Family Paws Parent Education Programs


As licensed educators for the Family Paws Parent Education Program, we promote safety for families who share their homes with dogs and children. Through the two international programs, Dogs & Storks® and Dogs & Toddlers®, we support new parents, grandparents, and other family members with dogs to nurture safe and harmonious relationships among all family members– human and canine. Our program clears up myths, emphasizes realistic expectations, and gives expecting parents practical strategies to set the family and their dog up for success both before and after the baby arrives.

To help raise awareness and provide education on dog and child safety to set families up for success, we provide presentations throughout the community. We work to make others “Dog-Aware™” – if we can better read dog behavior, particularly to note signs of stress or fear in dogs, we can interact more safely with dogs. These presentations are designed for expecting families, families with small children who already share their home with dogs, grandparents, and child-care professionals.
We also provide in-home consultation and training services.

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